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A wild goose chase across Ranthambore National Park

I’m not much of a wildlife enthusiast. That’s not to say I don’t love animals. It’s just that I have very limited knowledge. For example, I cannot differentiate a cheetal from a sambar (haw!). If someone pointed out and said “Oh! Look! There goes a sambar” or “Look at that cheetal by the water hole”, I know they mean a type of deer, but the specifics end there. My literature on wildlife goes as far as The Animal Farm. But none of this kept me from travelling to the Ranthambore National Park (New year, 2014).

Tarkarli in pictures

A private paradise An amateur at best, my tryst with the DSLR started two years ago when my mom gifted me a Nikon D3100 for my twenty-fourth birthday. And Gung-ho! I was reading up into all sorts of camera logic and clicking away madly at anything and everything. Naturally, my knowledge of photography has been purely based out of trial-and-error.

Beachbumming in Deobag

Every year the Indian Konkan Coast swells with tourists and travellers looking for fun in the sun and sand. In laidback Tarkarli and Deobag, however, it’s as much about what to do as it’s about who’s next door. Chances are that you’ll be by yourself, despite the peak seasons (fingers crossed).