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Who me????!!!!!

When someone asks me what I do? I always say a writer and traveller. The truth is far from it. I’m actually a copywriter peddling half-truths for a paycheck. And the traveller thing (see how I don’t say a tourist) happened to me just about a year ago. So what does a wannabe traveller and a lying copywriter do?

Drink some vinegar
And wash away the constant need to sell something, no matter how mediocre the product or service may be! (Dammit, I’m beginning to sound like a copywriter already. Drinks some more vinegar.)

Make lists
The only lists I’ve made in my life are the ones I carry to the grocery store. If it isn’t my Schwepps or booze that’s running dry, I couldn’t be bothered to think past the next 24 hours. Planning isn’t exactly my strength (unless I get paid for it). And while being impulsive has turned out just fine so far, it’s hardly likely to take me any further. So what’re my plans for this week? Finish the About Me section of this blog (Wait! Who said it’s a blog?)

Write a blog
To quit being the self-assured narcissist that I am. To believe that I am not alone and there are people living outside the loony bin who are equally insane! To just say the truth and bare my soul so that not only my friends but also absolute strangers can have a laugh at my expense (Yours sincerely).

Set deadlines
That don’t sound like resolutions. While professionally I’m good at sticking to deadlines, when it comes to my personal agenda they all turn out to be failed resolutions. For example, I had bought this domain three years ago. And look how far I’ve come. 

....And mission accomplished 


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