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Rude Awakening Series: You might find it offensive. But so is the world around us.

It has been one year and nine months since my last entry. A lot has happened since. The dude who used to say “You’re fired” on reality television is now the very real President of United States of A, Delhi beat Beijing to become the most polluted city in the world by a chest-thumping margin, the planet regardless of our skeptical opinions has continued to become warmer - putting the birds and bees out of business. On the other hand, some things haven’t changed. North Korea is still batshit ballistic, China ghost towns are at best dead, Japan is LOCO but still zen, fortunes (as usual) have waxed and waned to the changing tides of tax reforms, share prices and demonetisation.

If there is a hidden lesson over the months that I have learnt, it is this - nothing changes or gets better in this world unless we act (as opposed to react) upon it. And it is with this foolhardy notion that I once again set about to write; to abuse, to anger, with a direct intent to offend the blogosphere. Because at the rate we are marching towards our own apocalyptic end leaves little time for the punchline.
Yes, it’s true that we’ve been talking about climate change for a while now. I remember doing a project in Geography class on it. That was eighteen years ago. Tragic, right? You know what else is tragic? The fact that I have to work this weekend (AGAIN), and unlike the topic of climate change I can’t exactly put it out of my mind.

Yes it’s true that while the rich and powerful go about dropping nuclear waste into the sea - I’ll just sit at home using expensive eco-friendly light bulbs and one shopping bag for life. Sure. Why not. Fact: The world is falling into an open sewer. It’s also true that I have a yellow stain on my only white shirt. Tough luck.
What I’m trying to get at is that there’s no logical explanation to what we do or don’t do. And, the fact that I haven’t published an entry for a while (by that, I mean lightyears in the emoji generation) somewhat pales in comparison to the tragedies of the world. Also, It really doesn’t matter that I’m turning this page from a only-travel-related-content to generic (read ‘offensive’) discourse on life. I mean, who cares if I’d been a good TripAdvising globetrot anyways. There are more pressing issues to talk about. Like how to avoid being a metaphorical dick all the time (that’s one book I should read).


  1. Madhu, there is a fire burning inside - keep it blazing! You truly have a way with words.


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